Carbon neutral flying: Lufthansa lets corporate customers offset their business air travel

NEW DELHI: Lufthansa Group has enabled corporate customers to offset their corporate air travel with carbon neutral flying. The German major’s digital CO2 compensation platform, Compensaid, allows corporate customers to use, for instance, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for their air travel.
With SAF they can compensate CO2 emissions produced when flying. This program allows companies to offset all their flights, whether they’re with the Lufthansa Group or other airlines, Lufthansa said in a statement.
Christina Foerster, Lufthansa Group Executive Board Member for Customer, IT & Corporate Responsibility, said: “CO2-neutral flying is already possible today. With Compensaid, we have a powerful tool for providing attractive and innovative offers to our customers. Offsetting is part of our strategy to cut our CO2 emissions in half by 2030 and achieve a neutral carbon footprint by 2050.”
Air travel compensation with Compensaid is done either through the use of SAF, the sponsorship of certified climate protection projects, or a combination of both options.
SAF refers to sustainable, non-fossil-based kerosene.
Currently, it is primarily derived from biomass, such as used cooking oils. SAF is seen as a genuine alternative to carbon-based aviation fuels and, in the long term, can allow for virtually CO2-neutral aviation, says Lufthansa.
Besides the use of SAF, Compensaid also allows offsetting through certified climate protection projects. These include, for instance, the promotion of photovoltaic systems, the use of efficient stoves that require less firewood and therefore emit less CO2 into the atmosphere, or the replacement of diesel generators with systems that produce electricity from biomass.

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