Joe Biden announces Covid-19 vaccine sharing plan: 6 million doses to countries in crisis, including India | World News

WASHINGTON: The White House on Thursday unveiled President Joe Biden‘s plans to share Covid-19 vaccines with the world, including its intent to direct 75 per cent of excess doses through the United Nations-backed COVAX global vaccine sharing program.
The White House has previously stated its intent to share 80 million vaccine doses with the world by the end of June.
The long-awaited vaccine sharing plan comes as demand for shots in the US has dropped significantly as more than 63 per cent of adults have received at least one dose, and as global inequities in supply have become more glaring.
US distributes surplus Covid-19 vaccine doses:

  • Of the first tranche of 25 million doses, about 19 million will go to COVAX. COVAX has to date shared only 76 million doses with needy countries.
  • Approximately 6 million doses will go to South and Central America,
  • 7 million Covid vaccine doses will be allocated to Asia, and
  • 5 million doses will go to Africa.
  • The doses mark a substantial _ and immediate _ boost to the lagging
  • The remaining 6 million will be directed by the White House to US allies and partners.
  • These allies including Mexico, Canada, and the Republic of Korea, West Bank and Gaza, Ukraine, Kosovo, Haiti, Georgia, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, and Yemen, as well as for United Nations frontline workers.

How many vaccine doses will US allocate to India?
President Joe Biden said that just over 6 million Covid-19 vaccine doses will be shared directly with countries experiencing surges, those in crisis, and other partners and neighbours, including Canada, Mexico, India, and the Republic of Korea.
However, the exact number of vaccine doses that will be allocated to India is not yet clear.
“We are sharing these doses not to secure favours or extract concessions. We are sharing these vaccines to save lives and to lead the world in bringing an end to the pandemic, with the power of our example and with our values,” said the US President.
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