Samsung Galaxy Buds deals cut prices following Buds Live launch

Samsung Galaxy Buds deals cut prices following Buds Live launch

2020-08-08 15:33:46

If you’ve been waiting for the new Lives to drop before jumping into Samsung Galaxy Buds deals, you’re in luck. The latest beans to hit the market have caused older models to drop in price across the US and UK. That means you can pick up a pair of the original Galaxy Buds or the more recent Galaxy Buds Plus at a discount this weekend. 

The original true wireless earbuds are on sale for $106 at Amazon right now. That’s not the cheapest they’ve been, but other retailers are offering a sales price of $109, so you’re saving an extra few dollars here. 

It might be more worth your while to pick up the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, however. Amazon have dropped these down by $10, so they now sit at $139 – that’s the lowest price we’ve seen for the more recent headphones. Shoppers in the UK will find similar Samsung Galaxy Buds deals, with a £49 saving bringing the Buds Plus down to £110 at Amazon UK – missing the cheapest price yet by just £1. 

Plus, if you’re in the UK and you’d rather grab yourself the latest tech, you’ll find an excellent Buds Live pre-order deal available right now – place your order and Samsung will also ship you a free wireless charger worth £50. US shoppers miss out on this offer, but you’re still getting your earbuds two weeks earlier, but can still order direct from Samsung

We’re highlighting these offers just below, but you can always shop all the best Samsung Galaxy Buds prices right here on TechRadar. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds deals in the US

Samsung Galaxy Buds: $129 $106 at Amazon
Amazon currently has the Samsung Galaxy Buds available for $106 – $3 cheaper than other retailers currently have them discounted at. That’s not the cheapest we’ve seen these true wireless earbuds go, but it’s certainly the best price going right now.
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Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus: $149 $139 at Amazon
Or, you can save $10 on the more recent Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus at Amazon in a return to their lowest price yet. These earbuds actually emphasize the bass a little more than those above, so if you prefer a more rounded sound you might be better off with the cheaper model. If you use Spotify, however, improved integration may clinch the deal here.
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Samsung Galaxy Buds deals in the UK

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus: £159 £110 at Amazon
Samsung Galaxy Buds deals are also hitting the UK, with the Plus model seeing a £49 price drop at Amazon. This is just £1 off the cheapest we’ve ever seen the more recent earbuds go for, and plenty of retailers are actually selling the older headphones for more right now.
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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live | wireless charging pad: £179 at Samsung
Samsung Galaxy Buds Live pre-orders are now available in the UK, which means you can put your money down for the latest noise cancelling true wireless earbuds today. Not only that, but Samsung is also throwing in a free wireless charger worth £50 right now. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live launch in the UK on August 21.
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